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Skin Emergency? Ball Out! A Quick & Easy Spot Treatment

2% of AHA & BHA serum in a pure cotton ball soothes redness and swelling of blemish spots instantly approved By Dermatological Institutions.

*Volume: 120g (60~70 cotton balls per serum)

Benefits :

- Intensive blemish spot care

- Pore purification

- Excessive sebum care

Target :

- Gentle but effective blemish spot treatment for acne-prone skin.

- Blackheads, whiteheads, and clogged pores caused by excessive sebum.

- Spot care not only on the facial skin, but also on body skin including chest and back.

Texture :

- 100% pure cotton compressed balls filled with an intensive spot treatment serum.

- Leaves a refreshing finish without any residue.

Clinical Trials :

- Non-Comedogenic Test completed

- Hypoallergenic test completed

Cosrx The AHA 2 BHA 2 Blemish Treatment Serum available to buy online in Nigeria

Cosrx The AHA 2 BHA 2 Blemish Treatment Serum

₦19,000.00 Regular Price
₦18,050.00Sale Price

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